Netrunner 16 – Ozymandias released

Welcome to Netrunner 16 – Ozymandias. This is the release announcement of Netrunner 16 Main Edition (Ozymandias) 64bit & 32bit. “Why Ozymandias?” you might ask? Here is how it goes: I met a traveler from an antique land… And he told that there once was a mighty king in the land of ancient desktops, called […]

Netrunner 15 – Prometheus (64bit)

We are proud to announce the official release of Netrunner 15 – Prometheus (64bit). Netrunner 15 is revised from the ground up: For the first time, it officially ships the new KDE Plasma Desktop 5.2. Therefore, an upgrade from previous Netrunner series with KDE4.x is neither officially available nor really recommended. This release is 64-bit […]

Plasmazilla: Firefox and Thunderbird “plasmified”

Today both plasma-enabled firefox and thunderbird were updated to their latest versions 35.0.1, respective 31.4.0. The programs now share a common library called “mozilla-kde-support” (replacing the former “firefox-kde-support”). It is recommended to update firefox-plasma first, then (if you wish) installing thunderbird-plasma by executing the following commands: If you haven’t already added the ppa: sudo add-apt-repository […]

Netrunner 14.1 LTS – Frontier

This is the release announcement of Netrunner 14.1 Main Edition (Frontier) 64bit and 32bit. The “14.1” indicates an updated and polished release of Netrunner 14 LTS on the same underlying base. Since 14.1 is using the same base “trusty” like Netrunner 14, there is no need for users of 14 to migrate: Simply updating from […]

Netrunner Rolling 2014.09.1

This is the release announcement of Netrunner Rolling 2014.09.1. We are releasing this maintenance shortly after our initial 2014.09 release to fix problems with the nvidia driver, and include a first fix for the bash shell vulnerability. We also updated Samba file sharing, kontact accounts and language packs installation. Laptop Mode Tools was replaced by […]