Netrunner 14.1 – Main Edition (Frontier)

This is the release announcement of Netrunner 14.1 Main Edition (Frontier) 64bit and 32bit. The “14.1” indicates an updated and polished release of Netrunner 14 LTS on the same underlying base. Since 14.1 is using the same base “trusty” like Netrunner 14, there is no need for users of 14 to migrate: Simply updating from […]


Rolling Update to 0.8.10 base

To do a complete update of Netrunner Rolling to 0.8.10 base (Ascella), please type these commands: sudo pacman-mirrors -g sudo pacman -Syy sudo pacman -S manjaro-keyring sudo pacman -Suu Answer all questions with [Y], you should have all packages updated, like KDE 4.13.2, Firefox 30, Skype 4.3 and Homerun 1.2.5. To confirm you have updated […]

Homerun Kicker 1.2.5 updated

Homerun Kicker 1.2.5 just got updated and is available in the netrunner “frontier-14-updates” repository. Kicker gains the feature to show and search for descriptions of applications via the Settings. To update, simply use synaptic or type: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libhomerun0 plasma-widget-homerun plasma-widget-homerun-kicker Then logout and login again for Homerun Kicker 1.2.5 to […]


Netrunner 14 – Main Edition

The Netrunner Team today released Netrunner 14 Frontier – 32bit and 64bit versions. The release follows Kubuntus support cycle, giving it a full 5 year support life via the backport repos. Go straight to the Download page. Release Notes: LTS Long Term Support Firefox Instant start (on machines with >2GB RAM) KDE Dreamdesktop for animated […]

Netrunner 14 (deb) RC1 available

Netrunner 14 Frontier (RC1), the first Release Candidate of our upcoming standard version based on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS is available for testing here: 1.4 GB md5sum: 55ff078f23c03136bc2fe9f7d90c607c 1.4 GB md5sum: b676bce315a74dfc853abc07fbdbd564 It comes with the following features: kernel 3.13-24 kde 4.13 telepathy 0.8.1 skype firefox 29 thunderbird 24.5 Libre Office 4.2.3 vlc […]