Netrunner ISOs

Standard Release
13.12 Enigma-II
(based on Ubuntu/Debian)

Netrunner 13.12 - 32bit - Torrent
Netrunner 13.12 - 32bit

SIZE: ~1.6 GB
MD5: 1a10a5663dbdbee21039768b36c57cbf

Netrunner 13.12 - 64bit - Torrent
Netrunner 13.12 - 64bit

SIZE: ~1.6 GB
MD5: 62ef6a2031a2c781d440b17a10b46090

Rolling Release
(based on Manjaro/Arch)

Netrunner Arch 2014.04 - 32bit Torrent
Netrunner Arch 2014.04 - 32bit

SIZE: ~2.0 GB
MD5: 5eb852fff0b5d76a4fe7059369a0140f

Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 - 64bit Torrent
Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 - 64bit

SIZE: ~2.1 GB
MD5: 4630ad276dde3a59e54b340a5abac025


Check md5sum to make sure ISO is genuine. On windows, simply drop ISO on md5sum.exe from here:
Use unetbootin (or imagewriter) for “burning” the ISO on an USB stick or write it directly to DVD.

Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS and select non-UEFI boot option from invoking boot menu with F12 during boot.

If you run Netrunner in a VirtualBox, please use the 32bit version, 1 GB RAM and 10 GB diskspace.

  • German Ghermain

    Finally! … I’m already down to install it on my machine … Chao other distributions, I am alone with Netrunner, is wonderful.

  • Jan-Arvid Arvidsen

    this is a linux distro isnt it? then how come its impossible to rightclick to get the download link and use it with wget? at least i couldnt figure out how. in the end i had to download with firefox and ended up with a md5 mismatch

    • technomancer

      go to firefox preferences, applications tab, check which file types you have set up to use wget, kget is what i used, but ktorrent is much better. just set to open torrent with your fav program. goes for any type of download. hope that helps.

    • German Ghermain

      Most of the downloads performed with Flareget, is a good alternative for Linux similar to Windows IDM.

    • diensthunds

      Hover your mouse over the Download from Server tab. right click, select copy link location, in terminal type wget then hold shift and ctrl and press v then press enter. Don’t know how that is so complicated.

  • technomancer

    how to upgrade from 13.06 to 13.12 ?

    • Starbuck2001

      We are working on an upgrade script hopefully released this month, but we need to carefully test first to minimize possible fallbacks which could leave users with a non-working system.

      • technomancer

        Great! Thank you for all the hard work put into the best KDE Linux.

  • Kwabena

    Ok guys, I’ve just installed your beautiful OS..

    Wanna share some things:

    – installation: I had problems about “bad iso boot”, as you described, but it was about using Unetbootin, so I followed instructions on ubuntu forum how to “burn iso on usb” via command line, and after that, everything went smooooth. So, for me that worked for 64bit version on Acer Netbook (4gb ram, Intell Celeron).
    – OS: What to say…I’m not programmer but also not noobie in Linux, and I tried many KDEs and other ones, but when talk about KDE, you people did EVERYTHING PERFECT! Not a single glitch about anything! Bravo! Please, just be cool, and maintaine your “baby”, cuz it really deserves. Good luck!

    Greetings from Serbia!

  • Kaf Shiel

    Downloading now via torrent. I will test the live ISO with a USB pen. Wish I had a spare computer to test it properly but let’s see how it behaves in my netbook first. Thanks for your work. I got the news from Softpedia’s site.

  • Adam L. Ross

    Hey How can I install and run Sim City 5 and iTunes 11 on NetRunner OS?

    • technomancer

      Play on Linux, but i dont use iTunes its garbage software.
      google play on linux, it has a list of programs it can run. otherwise create a virtual machine of windows and run programs from there.

      • Adam L. Ross

        oh a VM good idea thanks

        • technomancer

          good luck with that apple stuff. Apple and Microsoft are exactly the same, everything on their terms. Thats why Linux is so important.

        • Keegan Choffat

          I know how that is. I used to have an iPod Touch and tried to sync it with Linux. Unfortunately Apple forces you to use iTunes. Thats why I picked up a cheap Android phone and never put a SIM card in it. The Moto G is only 99$ right now, no contract. But if you want to keep your iPod Touch, try installing Plex, then put all your music in one folder and tell Plex which folder it is in. Then buy the Plex app for 5$ and you can stream all your music from your home computer.

      • Keegan Choffat

        iTunes is garbage. Try Plex or Google Play for mobile support, or any of the thousands of amazing Linux music suites.

  • Rickard

    Netrunner is great, I love it !!!
    Easy to install with Universal USB Installer.

  • Christian Rumbinas

    so i need a lightweight os for the school partition of my hard drive that is kinda like the chromium os does the fit the bill?

    • Jim Kirkey

      Hello Christian; One of the smallest, lightest Linux OSs I’m aware of is Puppy Linux. You can check out the facts on “Distrowatch”, or Google “Puppy Linux” in your browser. Hoping this is of help to you. Jim

      P.S. If you really want a nice Linux distro, you can’t beat Netrunner!

  • Archit Kaushik

    Isn’t there any mini or minimal edition?

    • roader

      Maybe you might want to make one yourself with manjaroiso (for the rolling release )

  • Saheel

    When is the 64 bit version coming out for infinity ? Can’t wait

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Saheel, could be end of the week, meaning: as soon as its ready.

  • roader

    Great news , finally a Manjaro who cares about KDE.

  • Ken Bradley

    64 bit me please.

  • adrian adeva

    What for when netrunner rollign release 64bit?

  • Egor Orlov

    The best i ever used. And i tried a lot) x64

    Thank’s a lot!