Readme 14

Thank you for choosing Netrunner 14 – Standard Version.
Here is a quick overview how to use certain parts of the system.

Issues and Recommendations:

There are no issues at the moment.


Tips and Hints:

Add Animated Wallpaper:


Webaccounts let you connect and integrate your resources from providers like Facebook, Google, owncloud or Runners-ID.
When you successfully connect to an account, you have access to contacts or files within various KDE programs like Kontact or Dolphin.
For example, if you connect to an owncloud account, an automatic connection is made to your webfolder and added as a shortcut under Dolphin – Network.

(Add Network Drive)

samba-mounter helps you mount NAS drives with a GUI and make them available transparently for KDE and non-KDE programs.It also tries to reconnect them during next startup, so they are available without re-configuration.Added folders are also displayed under a special “Network” folder in your “home” directory, so you can access (read and write) them directly with your applications like amarok, libreoffice, etc.

For more tutorials check our Screencast section with Video Tutorials.


  • Niwantha Woods

    Installer crashes after pressing continue after selecting time zone. I’m new to netrunner and hope someone will help me

    • Starbuck2001

      Try Win32Diskimager for Windows or “usb-creator-kde” on Linux, if still not working please use our forums for details, thanks.

  • Jamin Fernandez

    Everyting is perfect …and solid rock distro

  • Christian Gobert

    I shall have like using a dreamscene file but impossible because the item is not present in the parameters.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Christian, are you using Netrunner 14 Main Edition or 2014.09 Rolling Edition? Only Main has the dreamscene package installed.

      • Christian Gobert

        Hi Starbuck2001,
        I use the second one. Where i can find the Main Edition ?

        • Starbuck2001

          On the left side is Standard/Main Edition, which is debian-compatible has dreamdesktop installed.
          We dropped it from rolling, as it probably will no longer work when updating to Plasma 5.

          • Christian Gobert

            Thank you for the answer.

  • Georg Grabler

    For some reason, it seems I don’t have and can’t install Webaccounts :(

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Georg, did you check under System Settings -> Social Accounts?

      • Georg Grabler

        Ahh, there it’s hidden :) .. works, except for google calendar and tasks which had to be configured seperately :)

  • pedro

    best system I’ve ever used

  • Avid Aargo

    I would like to automount a drive and load a playlist at specific time as wake up alarm and also would like to make transmision autostart with boot help out please

  • brenda

    where the control panel