Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12.1)


To upgrade your system the first time, do not use MUON!

After Installation, please update from KDE 4.9.4 to 4.10.2:
Start Menu – System – Synaptic Package Manager, click “Reload”, then “Mark all Updates”, then “Apply”!

At the error message about Muon, just close the message window and click “Apply” in Synaptic again, which should fix Muon and update it to 2.0!

sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade also works fine!
Otherwise Muon may break with the latest Kubuntu 4.10.x packages, so it is advised to do the initial update right after installation.
Muon will then update itself to 2.0, so after that Muon should work fine again!

Thank you for choosing Netrunner and welcome to the short Introduction.
Here is a quick overview how to use certain parts of the system.

Tips and Hints:

The first time you are required to authenticate a service or programm, KWallet pops up:
For an easy usage, allow KWallet to be active and do not enter any password in the two fields and click continue.
When a sevice then asks for access to KWallet, choose “Allow always” and that should be it.

Hot Corner:
Touching the lower right corner of the screen automatically reveals the desktop. Touching it again will bring up the windows back in same state and order they were before.

For more tutorials and tips, please check our new Screencast section with Video Tutorials.


Possible issues (this section gets updated frequently with some possible issues and their solutions):

- no sound: open Kmix by clicking on the speaker volume icon in the systray and then Mixer button. Look if “PCM volume slider” is down and move it up again.

- microphone not working (skype, google talk): open Kmix by clicking on speaker volume symbol in the systray, click “Mixer” button and check if you see a slider called “Mic” and/or “Mic Boost”.
Pull the volume slider up and also make sure the little speaker symbol underneath is activated (green instead of red “x”), as it is possible to have it mute and still pull the slider up.

If you find any issue and want to help us fixing it, please post in our forums or use the link below and report the issue on github:


Introducing Programs

Let’s start with some programs, which are new and you find on the desktop / in the menu:


Runners-ID is a free webservice with cloud offerings based on libre/opensource solutions.You first register an account with a username (called your “runners-id”), email and password.
After that you get send an email to activate your account.
With your account activated, you get 2 GB free webspace for files like music and pictures.You are also able to integrate Runners-ID and KDE/Netrunner with Webaccounts.Runners-ID currently has two main sections:
Storage and Superampify.Storage is based on owncloud, which provides for file storage and image previewing.
It also has Contact and Calendar support, which is integrated thorugh webaccounts to KDE native applications.Superampify allows for streaming any music you stored on owncloud over the web or to your android mobile phone: Superampify for Android. Simply download the superampify android app and use your Runners-ID account and your music is ready to go with you.

Please report any issues or ideas for Runners-ID:


Webaccounts let you connect and integrate your resources from providers like Facebook, Google, owncloud or Runners-ID.
When you successfully connect to an account, you have access to contacts or files within various KDE programs like Kontact or Dolphin.
For example, if you connect to your Runners-ID account, an automatic connection is made to your personal webfolder and added as a shortcut under Dolphin – Network.

Please report any issues or feedback for Webaccounts:

(Add Network Drive)

samba-mounter helps you mount NAS drives with a GUI and make them available transparently for KDE and non-KDE programs.It also tries to reconnect them during next startup, so they are available without re-configuration.Added folders are also displayed under a special “Network” folder in your “home” directory, so you can access (read and write) them directly with your applications like amarok, libreoffice, etc.

Help us make samba-mounter better by reporting any issues or feedback for Webaccounts:

The Menu:

Netrunners Menu consists of the standard categories + three more so called Webapps-Category.

Those shortcuts are included for including the ever growing possibities of the web.

They can be used just like a normal menu entry (e.g. right-click “copy to panel or desktop”) and starts the html-content in a full-screen firefox browser-window.

JacknJoe – a free/libre software app store that let’s you browse for applications and games and install with simple click (useable for mostly all debian based distros like for example Kubuntu, Ubuntu, MintKDE).

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  • Edwin Garrett

     Like to find ISO for Netrunner 12.12  to install on USB stick

  • dderby

    I’ve been looking for a free ownCloud provider for a while now and Runners-ID looks to be a perfect match!  I may have to replace my Kubuntu install with Netrunner.  The only doubt I have is why don’t you provide HTTPS access to Runners-ID?

  • Saverio Brancaccio

    Is there a way to contact Jack’n'Joe site authors to propose them to add other stuff on their site (like LMMS for example)? Looking at the site, no contact is shown. Thanks