Release Schedules

Standard Edition

Rolling Edition

Netrunner 1 (Albedo) 18.3.2010
Netrunner 2 (Blacklight) 15.7.2010
Netrunner 3 (Chromatic) 14.4.2011
Netrunner 4 (Dryland) 29.12.2011
Netrunner 4.2 (Dryland II) 20.6.2012
Netrunner 12.12 (Dryland III) 22.12.2012
Netrunner 13.06 (Enigma) 5.7.2013
Netrunner 13.12 (Enigma II) 13.1.2014 Snapshot 2014.04 4.4.2014
Netrunner 14 LTS (Frontier) 22.6.2014
Snapshot 2014.09.1 25.9.2014


Standard Release Schedule
Standard Releases follow the same release cycle as Kubuntu.
Public releases are due ~8 weeks after each Kubuntu Release, having the same support life than Kubuntu.
Each Standard Release has a distinct version number and codename, current version is Netrunner 14 LTS (Frontier).
The next standard release is Netrunner 15 (Prometheus), targeted for late January, 2015.

Rolling Release Schedule
Rolling Releases are so called “snapshots”. New snapshot ISOs are released every 3-4 months.
Rolling Releases don’t have an extra codename and carry year and month (YYYY.MM) as their version number.
The current snapshot is 2014.09.1.
Every snapshot can be updated to the latest packages at any time in one update session.

  • steelmann

    Will Frontier available to download on midst of June?

    • Starbuck2001

      We’re fixing the reported issues for RC, looking good.

  • Raul Garrido

    I am totally impressed with Netrunner 14 in my opinion it is one of the finest KDE implemenations I have seen to date. I sincerely hope the developers will base any and all UEFI and Secure Boot features on Kubuntu all ready working feature set for UEFI and Secure Boot systems and are able to fix the grub issues and the inabiltiy of installing Netrunner on a modern UEFI Secure Boot system or laptop. I sincerely hope this issue is resolved soon for current UEFI and Secure Boot users such as myself . I can sucessfully install Kubuntu 14.04 on my UEFI Secure Boot Asus and HP notebooks w/out a problem of any kind and it is my understanding that Netrunner is based on Kubuntu 14.04 correct ? Kindest regards and thanks to the developers and the Netrunner community for all of their hard work.

  • jonathan scheller

    hi, does netrunner suport non pae systems??